ICPEPA-11 topics include but not limited to:

1. Fundamental phenomena in laser-matter interactions;
2. Theoretical analysis, simulation and modelling of photo-excited processes;
3. Dynamics and diagnostics of photo-excited processes;
4. Ultrafast photo-excited phenomena in chemical processes;
5. Photo- catalysis and energy conversion;
6. Photo/laser- induced desorption from surfaces;
7. Laser- matter interactions in liquid environment;
8. Resonant and non-resonant processes in photo/laser- induced materials;
9. Photo/laser- induced nanoscale processing;
10. Laser synthesis of nanomaterials;
11. Surface nanostructuring and nanoripple formation;
12. Plasmon- enhanced photo/laser processing;
13. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of thin films, multilayers and nanostructured materials;
14. Laser cutting, drilling, surface patterning and micromachining;
15. Surface modification including crystallization, annealing, amorphization, phase transformation, sintering and doping;
16. Volume and 3D internal processing with ultrashort pulse lasers;
17. Photon- based 3D additive manufacturing;
18. Advanced lasers and laser systems for photo - excited processes;
19. Manipulated/shaped beam processing;
20. Polarisation effects in laser processing;
21. Laser and photon-based diagnostic techniques and spectroscopy;
22. Probing ultrafast phase transformations with time-resolved X-ray and electron diffraction;
23. Interactions with organic and biomaterials and applications including MALDI and laser microprobe mass analysis;
24. Laser in medical and biological applications;